Wednesday, December 14

All I Want for Christmas

If it was up to Monkey I am sure all he would want is his two front teeth (ha!!), or any teeth for that matter.

Turkey on the other hand has a very specific list of what he wants.  This is a list he has been working on and refining for weeks now.  Originally his list had 15 or so things on it, and some items were called out in great detail... not so much anymore.  As of last night his list had four items on it: Legos, clothes, Megablocks/Halo, and a flute.

Ah the flute.

His flute request is tantamount to that of Ralphie's quest for the Red Rider BB Gun (Turkey was informed earlier this summer that I will not even entertain the idea of getting him a BB gun until he is at least eight years old).

When we went to see St. Nick at church, the ONE and ONLY thing he asked for was a flute.

The boys, looking very serious, with St. Nick at church.
When strangers ask him what he wants for Christmas, he tells them a flute. Store clerks find this amusing I might add.

(I will admit at scouts tonight he didn't mention it; I think he might have been embarrassed after all the other boys wanted BB guns or video games.)

The flute has been on his list from the very beginning.  At one time he was asking for a flute case as well, then he realized that a flute would come with a case anyhow, so he took the case off his list.

I looked on Craig's List for a used flute.  But I wasn't about to spend $200 on one.  It's not like he wants to take lessons or anything; he wants it for his one-man-band (he already has the harmonica; I guess I should be glad he didn't ask for a bass drum).

Friends suggested I get him a recorder; but I already tried that.  It seems he knows the difference between the two and really, really, wants the flute.

I looked on-line and found a $7 wooden flute.  More of a fife I suppose, OK really it looked like something a pixie would play while sitting on an over-sized leaf ... and I am not really sure about the quality.  Sure it's only $7 (plus shipping); but it looked pretty cheesy.  Plus it didn't have a case.

Today I started feeling the "Christmas is in a week panic" and put out a call out on Facebook for help.  And I am so happy and impressed with the response.  A relative on Husband's side is sending up a fife.  Another friend has a lead and is working on it.  And yet another posted a link to one on eBay (a little more than I would like to spend... but many thanks).  I love the help; it's amazing.  What did we do before social networking or even before the internet???!!!

I feel better that I have begun working on solving our flute problem... stay tuned for how it turns out.

Oh, and in case you cared... all I want for Christmas is to sleep till 8am.


Virginia said...

I love the sleep until 8 am thing.

Santa was very smart - his gift to my parents was leaving my sister and I unwrapped toys ready to be played with. My parents rule was that we could get up whenever we wanted to, we could play quietly with our new toys (if Santa had brought us any) and they were NOT to be disturbed until after 8:00. K man LOVES this, and it is our tradition as well.

Rebecca said...

Smart, Virginia. Very smart!

Turkey and his flute sounds like Kyan and his puppet. Which, btw, I managed to find for just under $60. The big problem was that he wanted it to look like him. ARGH! I came close, and I hope it will do.

It's amazing what kids this age come up with, isn't it? But it's so fun to have such a unique kiddo! I haven't even met Turkey (although I really want to!) and I already love him!

EricaG said...

We have the same Christmas wish!! I asked Cory to take Charlotte one morning during our break, and let me sleep until 8. I hope you get your wish!

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