Sunday, December 18

Walkin' in a Winter Wonderland

The big boy, aka Turkey, spent Friday night with my mom; so Husband and I took the time to wrap up the holiday shopping.

Saturday morning we opted to skip swim classes because Monkey was rocking a 101F fever; and instead went to breakfast and did some more shopping.  We drove a little way up north east from us to a breakfast joint that has a cow head's on the outside of it and counter service circa 1960, swung by my cousin's shop in hopes of an adjustment (she's a licensed massage therapist, but was sadly closed), and then went to the children's outlet.  Once we were done at the outlet we figured we'd walk around town some, since Monkey was already snuggly in the carrier.  We wrapped him up good with a blanket and set out hand-in-hand down the street.

The town we were in hasn't changed much with the times; and honestly there isn't much shopping to be had (aside from a men's clothing store that has great socks and cub scout gear).  The buildings are all brick, three or so stories tall and boost places to get your appliances fixed or nails done or second hand goods.  Normally this town is a bit on the depressing side.  This day however was different...

This day it was a Christmas wonderland.  Pine garland with big wreathes were stretched high across the street; and small lighted Christmas trees stood on poles above the sidewalks.  As we walked we were followed by Christmas music playing from the mini trees.  The air was crisp and cold; and then a light snow started to fall.  It was picture perfect.  It was more than picture perfect, it would have been perfect if Turkey was with us.  We vowed to come back at night, just for a drive by, to see all the lights.


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