Friday, December 9

The Things About Nursing

I love nursing my little one.  It's a fact and I am so happy we've made it as long as we have.  We've made it longer than many, while the data is somewhat conflicting depending on the source; it is estimated that less than half of babies were breastfeed (less than 15% exclusively breastfed) at 6 months.  And here we are nearing 10 months of breastfeeding... and we've hit a hiccup.

For me breastfeeding has been fairly early.  I haven't encountered many of the pains and issues associated with breastfeeding.  And I've been very lucky to not only have breastfeeding friendly doctor for myself, but for Monkey as well.

Today that changed.

I have a clogged milk duct.  This happened once before, and it was easy to fix with a nice long nursing session.

Today is different from that time, as I am at work.  I tried to get Monkey to nurse it out before I left, but he was already full and was not interested in helping his mama out.  So here I am, at work, trying to dealing with this as discreetly as possible.  This is not going so well.

I was using a damp wool nursing pad as a hot compress, microwaving it to warm it up.  But then I burnt it.  And everyone wanted to know why the office smelled (not that I admitted a thing).

And it's hard to get in frequent pumping sessions when you have work to do and can't pump at your desk.

And forget about trying to massage my breast at my desk to work the lump out.... that is so NOT happening.

Oh... and I think the other side is now working on a clog as well... it's starting to get tender.

So here's to hoping for the best, that I can beat this clog and not have to worry about mastitis.

Counting the hours till I am at home with my baby... who is hopefully going to help his mama out this time.


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