Friday, December 23

Do You Believe?

Turkey has been a non-believer, for the most part, for the better part of the last 4 years.

He doesn't believe in Santa Claus until the 11th hour, and then it's more desperation then belief.  I cannot tell you how many times he has asked me if Santa is real.  I've been telling him, for years now, that Santa is the feeling of this season and if you hold his magic in your heart then he must be real.

This line wasn't getting me very far this year; until the letter came.

The letter from the North Pole that is. It came in a fancy envelope announcing it was a special delivery from up in the cold, and was addressed to him.  (Monkey got one too... but to him Santa is just a guy with great facial hair for pulling).

He had been out with my mom when it came in, so I set it on his bed for when he got home.

And boy was he surprised.  He literally shook with excitement when he read the part about being at the top of Santa's nice list.  The letter concluded by reminding him that Santa is always watching and he better listen to his parents, make his bed and behave.  It was signed... in ink.  This was fancy stuff.  Also included was a coloring book and an autographed picture of Santa (also signed in ink).

And with this, he has become a believer again.  Although I will admit I am looking forward to the next chapter where we get to help him bring Santa to life for his younger brother.  As the oldest growing up as well, this is something I can't wait to share with him.

Oh and to whatever friend or relative signed the boys up for this... I've asked a few, but have gotten no confirmations... THANK YOU.

I would love to have shared the autographed photo with you,
but Turkey has his hidden away, and Monkey chewed on his.


Jess said...

it really is the spirit of the season, it still exists in my heart as well, its a warm feeling of excitement, wonder, and merriment :) you never lose that :) I'm relishing in the years that my boys believe it more literally though :)

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