Thursday, December 22

Project food Budget: Holiday Shopping & Lesson Learned

Tonight I went food shopping for Christmas and a few days following.

I was ready.  Really ready.  I made my list, and double checked it against the circulars for the two local stores.  I stopped at store X (which I really don't like) on the way home from work and picked up a few odds and ends (less than $10 worth) that was on sale there.  It was 8pm, both boys were in bed, I had on my sneakers and a sweatshirt with front pocket (perfect for my list and pen).  I remembered my list, my pen, and even my shopping bags.  I was READY.

It was a pleasant night, warm for this late in December in New England.  I enjoyed the drive to the store listening to Christmas music and looking at all the lights.  I picked myself up a hot chocolate on the way, and braced myself for the crowds.

But there was no crowd, the store had maybe a dozen other shoppers in it.

I started in the baking isle, since I was going to spend a good deal of money on this and my ham.

I took my time, and shopped off my list.  It was a good shopping trip... I could think clearly and was able to add my groceries up in my head as a I went (a skill that I had lost after the birth of Monkey, I chalk it up to new mommy brain... hey, with a 7 year age gap I get to claim that again).

My budget was $150.  I knew I was doing good and picked up a few dollars worth of extra stocking stuffer chocolates.  My total was $149.44.  I did awesome.

Then I went to pay... and I could not find my debit card.  I was sure Husband gave it back to me after I asked him to do some last minute on-line shopping the other day.  He must have given it back to me.  I checked again and again, but could not find it.  So I counted the cash in my wallet... I was short (OK,  was surprised I had that much on me, who knew all those ones and fives would add up).  I had the clerk take off my conditioner and $8 worth of butter... and I had just enough... down to nearly my last penny... $135.13.

As soon as I got out of the store I called Husband.  He's sure he gave me back my debit card.  Then he checks his wallet... and there it is, safe and sound.

Lesson learned... make sure you have money on you when food shopping.

Don't forget to check out these other blogs and see how they did this week.  Hopefully no one else forget their debit card.


Jess said...

been there done that with WIC before & had to put everything back

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