Friday, December 2

Silent(ish) Saturday

Turkey has been eyeing the wax hand making at Yankee Candle for years now.  The last time we went he finally muscled up the courage to do it... as long as I did it with him.  Here's our journey.
Employee showing us what to do.

Washing our hands in ICE cold soapy water.  The idea is to numb your hands some.

Getting ready to dip our hands in hot wax.
To me this was right up there with waiting for the tattoo artist to start.

"Look Dad, this isn't so hot."

Monkey watching Daddy taking pictures.

One of the many layers of wax.  We went from wax to water to wax about 10 times.

Worker coloring our hands blue and green.

Turkey showing off our hands.

Our hands at home.  I'm green. He's blue.


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