Monday, December 26


A little while ago I was thinking that this holiday weekend was the longest time I had been home in a while.

But then I realized that I went out with Turkey yesterday morning, to Christmas Mass.  Does that count as going out?  Sure we got dressed up and headed out in the frigid temps for nearly 2 hours, but that is more like home away from home.

It has been so nice to be home.... so relaxing, so right, so peaceful.  And I have a sick baby to thank for that.

Christmas Eve my mother, brother and his better half came over as planned.  Dinner was nice and easy and the conversation... was sidesplitting-ly funny.  Later that night Monkey's temp crept from 101 to 103 and we decided to stay home on Christmas Day.

In the end I think that was the best gift of all (and thankfully his temp is now down to right around 100)... time at home with my loves.  Once we got home from Mass I put my new PJs on and stayed that way ALL DAY.  We had a dinner of leftovers from Christmas Eve (we weren't planning on being home for dinner and I didn't feel like cooking), we played with the new toys, and snuggled on the coach watching Christmas movies.

Today I got up and showered and put on a fresh pair of PJs; then just puttered around the house.  Enjoying my boys and getting some cleaning done.  Maybe, just maybe tomorrow I will get dressed.


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