Friday, December 9

TIBMT Update: November

So... how did I do in November....

1. Take down AND put away the Halloween decorations.
Done, done and done... and the Christmas stuff is out.  I totally rock at this. :-)

2. Send out three packages - one to Melissa, another to another Melissa and one to my step-father's parents. 
2 out of 3 done.  I still owe Melissa hers, but that's because we had to get more flat rate boxes there were NOT designed to go to military bases.  Last time I checked she lived in a cute farm house, not on a base overseas.  But I do have the box... so I am really close.

3. Clean out and change over my purse to something new... I certainly have enough to choose from.  Over maybe I'll even get a new purse.  
I didn't get a new purse, but I did switch things over.  Loving the new cleaned out little bag I am sporting now.

4. Clean my and Husband's bedroom and re-arrangement for the winter months (read move the king size bed away from the heater so we don't bake in our sleep).
This is so NOT done.  Husband suggested we do it this weekend coming up, I laughed at him.  I just don't have the motivation to do this right now.


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