Tuesday, December 27


Some days I can't decide which of my boys is growing faster.  And I'm not talking the milestone kind of growing, I'm talking physical growth.

Just the other day I was putting together away Turkey's clothes and I swear I set more stuff aside to store in the attic for when Monkey gets bigger than I actually put away.  But, at least now I can hand his clothes down to a sibling.  I swear it was just this summer that he started wearing size medium, and now all the clothes he got for Christmas are larges.  He's entering that age where he also needs to start trying things on, because no longer are all of the size 10s fit the same.  I am however looking forward to being able to buy his pants like grown men do - in width and length.

We had promised to buy him his first suit for his First Holy Communion this spring, now I am wondering if we should just rent one; because he grows so fast.

And the same can be said for the little one; although we expect that from him.  All of the size 12 one piece outfits I got him when it first started getting cold are now too small.  My 10 month old is wearing size 18 months... he's so long and skinny.  Thank goodness for the cloth diapers to hold his pants up, since he has no waist to speak of.

I'm also proud to admit that I have no problem buying them clothes at the consignment shop.  I try to make their clothes a good mixture of new-to-them and new-new.

But still... they could stop growing so fast... if even just for a week.


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