Wednesday, December 7

Lobster Ravioli

Ahh... the corporate Christmas (or Holiday as some prefer to say) Party.  An old stoic tradition which to me brings visions of 80s glam fashion, big hair, cognac sipping, cigar puffing big wigs all standing around shaking hands while the mail boy twirls from a light fixture wearing a Santa hat.

My work Christmas parties are nothing like that.

Years ago they were parties; lots of drinking with some really good food, and some more drinking.  At least once, in my pre-kid days (and never since) I was cut off from the bar at said Christmas party.  But I wasn't alone, co-workers and their wives were cut off as well.

Gone are those days of reckless abandon at my work Christmas party.  We've all grown up in the last 12 or so years.  

Last year marked the first year the Christmas party was for employees only.  

Last year also marked the first year I didn't attend.  Not only could I not bring Husband, but it was on my birthday, and I was 7 months pregnant.  (Not that the pregnant part stopped me from attending and laughing at all the drunks in the past.)

This year I am faced with the dilemma to attend or not attend.  

Part of me feels it's my "employee duty" to show up and make small talk and help booster a positive work environment through such activities. The other part of me cannot get over the fact that cocktails don't start till 6pm, dinner starts at 7pm (if they start on time which they never do).  By the time dinner and desert is done (if I went there is no way I would leave without desert) it's easily 9pm.  Add to that an hour drive home, and it's 10pm.  This puts me away from my kids, who I don't see enough of anyhow; for 15 hours.  Not to mention this is a nursing / pumping mother's nightmare.  It's not like I could pump at the party; and from 6pm to 10pm is prime nursing time for the little one.  

But the menu sounds so yummy...

click to enlarge

... and the idea of some "grown-up time" sipping a glass of red wine sounds fantastic.  

But I would much rather go on a date with Husband.  Ahh... if only they let spouses go, like in the good ol' days; this decision would be so much easier.  

hmmm.... filet mignon, lobster ravioli.... chocolate truffles....

Decisions, decisions, decisions.


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