Sunday, December 11

A New Chapter

Yesterday I started Chapter 34 in my life.  It was a good day.  And I am hoping the rest of this chapter follows suit.

Chapter 33 was a difficult one.  It started out a bit rocky with Turkey's diagnosis of Asperger's, but then quickly became joyous during the birth of Monkey.  The end of winter and early spring were quiet, but it seemed like unrest was afoot.  In July we lost my step-father, and then in September we lost my Grandmother.  It was during this time my heart and mind went to a dark place, life suddenly seemed a lot less fair than it had in the past. But I looked to my family, especially Husband and my mom, and prayed really hard on it all; and slowly but surely I am finding my way around to a more positive light.

And I think I'm off to a pretty good start for a more positive light, and a better new chapter.

Usually I am a sullen mess around my birthday.  It's not that I don't like my birthday or getting a year older; it's that my paternal-grandmother died right before and was buried on my 25th birthday. Something like that sticks with you for a while.

But this year I was better.  I was less moody, less upset... and considering all that had happened this year, I think I did pretty darn good on my birthday.  Husband was impressed by how cheerful I was compared to previous year.

The day was wonderful.  Breakfast in bed with my guys, swimming lessons for the boys, lunch (child free) with my dear friend KB (who invited my mom as an added surprise), a little holiday shopping, and then a quiet evening home with presents and ice cream cake... capped off with the Griswold's Christmas and some alone time with my honey.

It's days like that, that remind me; that while I was lost a lot, and don't have everything my heart desires; I do have a lot.... especially a lot of love. And for that I am truly blessed.

So bring on this next chapter... I KNOW it's going to be better than the last.


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