Wednesday, June 29

And it's gone....

The tooth that is.

And it was such an itty bitty thing.  Who would have guessed it would have been such an ordeal to get it out.

I had noticed while we were shopping for a new baby swaddler (need to share this story with you) and the second Whimpy Kid book (also need to share this one) that Turkey's tooth was wicked loose.  And yes, I can say wicked... I am such an east coaster, I have clam chowda' coming out of my ears.  

Turkey is leaving on vacation in two days and I was getting worried about it falling out then (and maybe getting lost in the ocean), so at bedtime I brought up pulling it. (Ok, I admit I was afraid I would miss this first with him and really wanted to be around when it happened.)

He wouldn't let me near it, but he was all about Husband pulling it.  

And after almost 30 minutes of trying to distract him, hugging him while husband wiggled it, countless drinks of water, three fits screaming on the top of his lungs, and an incident with OralGel that involved him yelling "it's too spicy, it's too spicy, get it out, get it out, I'm going to kill you"... the tooth came out!!!!

Not that you can tell because the adult tooth is already there... but still.

So now the tooth fairy is poised and ready to go, waiting for him to be sleeping soundly.  The original bounty was $1 (in the form of a gold coin), but it has been upped to $2.


Rebecca said...

Heh. My guys both got $5 for their first tooth. Spoiled much? ;-)

Congrats to you all on this awesome milestone!

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