Wednesday, June 29

Why Blog?

Why blog?

For me it's partly therapeutic.  Sure I could journal, but you don't get feedback that way.  Besides I have terrible handwriting, so I would need to type it anyhow.  I've found that it helps me sleep, helps to get all of those thoughts racing around my head out.  I don't have a chance to blog every night, instead I will find myself sitting down and writing 3 or 4 blog postings in one sitting, then I just post them when the time seems right and I have a spare 30 seconds.

Now, back to the whole "feedback" aspect.  I love getting comments, that's part of why I added the "thought" buttons; to make it easier for my dear reader to respond.  I love finding out that an old college buddy is, whose life couldn't be more different from mine right now is reading my blog.  To me, that's just "neat".  I know, I know I am corny.

It's also a way of keeping up with family and friends, people I want to talk with more often, but can't.  Sometimes I wished certain friends of mine blogged, it would make my life easier.  Although a blog post is not substitute for a nice long chat over a cup of coffee or tea.

I hope I am able to impart some wisdom or at the very least some common ground, for other women who have or about to experience some of the things I have been through or done.  I know no one likes unsolicited advice, but I know, personally, I don't mind reading tips from others.

To me it feels natural, and I hope when my children are older they don't hold it against me for "putting it all out there".


Jess said...

I know, I think the same thing...wondering if my kids will be mad that I posted pics of them and wrote about them so freely, I can't help it, it's my life and I want to share it!

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