Thursday, June 9

Operation Omega

Tonight we launched Operation Omega.  It did not start off very well.

What is Operation Omega?  This is what we are calling our plan to add more Omega 3, 6 and 9 into Turkey's diet.  When we received this Asperger's and ADHD diagnosis, or friends and family offered their advice: limit his sugar, go vegan, go gluten free, add more omegas.

I'm not a fan of limiting his sugar.  In my few experiences around kids who are on limited sugar diets, and then they say go to a party; it's been a nightmare.

We did gluten free for a while when he was a toddler and the doctor thought he had Celiac's Disease.  That as hard.

I can't do vegan, too much of a change and not really compatible with our family lifestyle right now.

So I looked into what affects the increase in omegas would have, and I felt this is a good route for us to take.

So I searched and searched and did my research and opted to buy Nordic Natural's Omega 3-6-9 Jr.  They were suppose to be a chewable soft capsule and the bottle boosted a great lemon taste.  None of the reviews I read on-line prepared me for these.  Chewable is a joke?  And they taste like lemon, until you get that hit you in the face fish taste, YUCK!!!

Turkey could not take them.  So now I need to figure out how to get him to take them.  But it's a start....


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