Friday, June 24


NIP, that would be nursing in public.  And yes, I do NIP.  Haven't you seen my little badge over on the right?

To NIP or not is every nursing mother's decision.  Some do, some do it if they are covered, some don't.  To each there own.  Personally I'm a little bit all of the above.

There are two places I will not NIP - church and cub scout functions.  Should Monkey need to eat at either, we either bring him bottles of mommy's milk or I go some place private (my car usually) and feed him.

When we are out and about I decide to cover up or not based on where we are, who we are with and how many people are around us.  As you may have noticed in my Strawberry Fields post I have no problem NIP without cover.

Last night at dinner (we went out to celebrate Turkey's last day of school) I opted to cover up.  We were in a crowded restaurant and there were tons of kids running around.  I had hoped covering would help Monkey be less distracted.  Well instead of being distracted by all the commotion around us, he was busy playing with the cover (a lovely green fleece blanket with a monkey patch on it).  So as he's nursing he starts flapping the blanket, and I mean flapping it... causing more attention to what was going on.  You should have seen the look on Husband (he warned me this was going to happen) and my mom's faces.  Priceless.

The flapping incident caused my mom to remark that it might be time to wean sooner rather than later (she likes to mention weaning, especially when she fears teeth coming in, she means no offense); but rather it made me think "nursing tops".  I really need to invest in a few nursing tops.  As Monkey gets older and more and easily distracted they are just going to be all that more useful.  But, why do they need to be so pricey?  I mean really Monkey's just going to spit-up on them anyhow.  If anyone has the low-down on decently priced nursing tops, please let me know.


Jennifer said...

Have you tried a Hooter Hider? That's what worked well for me for nursing in public. I bought one nursing top, it didn't work well for me, and as you said they are so pricey. And as far as weaning, that's your decision, and no one else's.

By: Kate Nadeau said...

Wouldn't I have the same problem w/ a hooter hider as the blanket? I had the blanket pinned down in the back and he was flapping the front.

Rebecca said...

Do you or do you know anyone who sews? I bet you could make a few at a fraction of the cost!

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