Sunday, June 19

Strawberry Fields

Ever since Turkey turned a year old I've been taking him strawberry picking.  When Husband came along he joined in the fun, and this year marks Monkey's first year going.

Husband picked strawberry picking as this year's activity.  So we loaded the boys in the car and off we went.  The weather was perfect for it, the sky was mostly clear, there was a light breeze and the temp was right around 80.  We couldn't have gotten better weather.

Sadly, when we got there we were informed children could pick in rows 1 through 4, where the berries were smaller, and adults could pick in rows 6 through 10 where the bigger berries where.  I was annoyed to say the least, and after picking there for 7 years running I doubt we will go back next year.

First Husband went to pick alone, but then he came back because he wanted to spend his day with his boys.  Then I went to pick alone, but really it's a family activity.  In the end we all picked in the "kids" rows.

After Monkey had a quick snack, we left with our nearly 11 lbs. of strawberries.  

An ice cream on the way home completed the outing.  I must say my husband has good taste in Father's Day activities   Which is part of why I love him so.  


Jennifer said...

Sweet post. Ridiculous rule about the picking though.

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