Thursday, June 23

Where Did It Go?

This past weekend Husband had a 7:30 am MRI (he has some sort of inflammatory disease in his hands and ankles that they doctor is having a hard time diagnosis-ing),  and he asked me to drive him.

Now mind you we've been living in this area for about 2 years now, and while I know my way around pretty well there is still a lot to learn and a lot to explore.  

I was certain I knew where the hospital was, but I Google the directions just in case.  

So I drive out to where I think the hospital is suppose to be, but I can't find it.  Turkey is asking if we are lost (he hates getting lost) and Monkey is sleeping away.  Husband is worried about being late, I can't blame him.  So then I decide it must be down this particular street, but when I get half way down the bridge is out.  So I back track and try to find the back side of this street.  Finally I find it, and get to the closed bridge again - no hospital.  But I can see the hospital, it should be there... I swear it has vanished.  

I asked husband to pull out the directions (we have 5 minutes to get there now), he reads them to me.  The directions call for route 9, I am certain the hospital is not on route 9.  I couldn't be anymore certain.  Despite my certainty that I am right and Google maps is wrong Husband calls the MRI offices - and while he's on the phone with them realizes I am in the wrong town (the address was on the bottom of the direction print out).  I couldn't have been further off.   Husband gets some landmarks from the MRI people and tells them we are running late and with that off we go.

Sure enough the hospital was off route 9, Google maps was right and I was wrong.  But it begs the question where did that "other" hospital go?  I am certain there was one where I was driving at.  And if it the building I am think of isn't a hospital what is it and where is it?


Ernest said...

So awesome Kate! The grammar of your finishing sentence is important and can use some fixing but what an awesome story and reflection! Wow, two kids now huh... life is transformative. I love that you are writing :)

By: Kate Nadeau said...

Thanks Ernest!! I love that you're reading and I'll work on the grammar of that last sentence.

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