Tuesday, June 21


Despite what the magnet on my fridge that Turkey got me for Mother's Day, I am not Super Mom.  I'd like to think so some days, but I know I am not perfect no one is.

Last night I blogged about my accomplishments.  In that post I noted that 8 hours prior I was not that on-top of my game; and here's why.

On Monday and Wednesday I work from home.  One of the benefits to this is not having to get changed until later in the day.  Around lunchtime on Monday I decided it was that time... when I got to my room to get changed I realized I had no underwear clean, well no practical every day underwear.  Now mind you, all of Monkey's diapers (except the one he had on) were clean.  I can manage to keep Monkey in clean diapers, but I can't guarantee clean underwear for myself.  

And that's what happens when you are a parent, your priorities shift.  But what I have learned over the years is that your priorities are ever shifting; but your kids needs always remain ahead of your own.  However, as parents we need to make sure we are making time for ourselves (and washing our underwear).  Making time for yourself and your significant other is important; it's all about balance. 


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