Monday, June 20

The Irony

Turkey has always had a soft gag reflex.  He has vomited in more places and over more things than I care to recall; countless restaurants, cars, airplanes, even walking down the street.  So what happened tonight didn't surprise me, yet did.

Monkey as sitting on my lap and Turkey was playing with him, when suddenly Monkey spit-up.  It was a bit of a different than his typical spit-up and it sent Turkey over the edge.  He started racing around the house, gagging, forgetting where the bathroom was.  He vomited a little bit here and there before getting to the toilet (which was 10 steps away).  Suddenly he's blaming me because I made him finish his salad at dinner.  Somehow if he didn't finish the salad all of this could have been avoided.  So he cleans up his mess and comes back to play.  I tell him first I need to change his brother's diaper and he just pooped.

The irony, Turkey offers to change it.  Yes, the kid that just puked over seeing a little spit-up (and I mean a little) wants to change a poopy diaper.  And he changed it (his first cloth diaper change too I might add), without getting sick or even gagging.  Go figure.


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