Saturday, November 23

Who's Watching Who

The Big Boy is getting to the age where he's almost old enough to stay home alone for short periods of time - 10 minutes to the gas station kind of thing.  Not a leap we're ready to make, but something we're thinking about and will be for a while.

Today Nana came over to the house.  The Little Boy was sleeping and the Big One was eager to show Nana his latest video games.  Husband wanted to take a trip out to the hardware store and I wanted to pick up Nana a belated birthday cake, she turned 97 back on the 12th.  Husband suggested we go out together as TT was sleeping and wouldn't be up for a few more hours and RR and Nana were content on the couch.

We left our cell numbers for RR and told Nana she was in charge - and she happily took on the challenge.  She likes to feel important and helpful; which I can totally understand.

About an hour or so later Husband and I were ready to head home and he suggested stopping for a snack first.  I wanted to check on everyone at the house first, just to "make sure".  So we called.  And called and called again.... finally RR answers.... and at the point I was mostly home... in a panic worried something happened to one of them.  RR confesses he was just "ignoring" the phone.  GAH!!!!

And then it occurred to me.... who was watching who?  We told Nana she was in charge, but RR had our numbers and the phone.  I guess they were watching each other.... and TT.... he was busy sleeping.


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