Sunday, September 1


Yesterday The Big Boy had the most brilliant idea.  He called it Stuffed Animal Utility Suit, SAUS for short.

Basically he took a pair of footed pajamas and stuffed it with a blanket and used a stuffed animal for the head.  It was like a soft and squishy scarecrow made out of bedding.

He had made his first and then he made one of his little brother.  The Little Guy was totally in love with it.  The boys must have played for a good hour or more with them.  If I tried to go and take a picture and the Little Guy noticed me, he gave me the stink eye.

Unless of course he needed me to reattach the head or add a hat for him.  Then it was OK.

It was awesome how well they played with these, and for so long.  There was no serious rough housing, no one was crying, no complaining.  Just playing.

They both loved them so much that they rebuilt them today and took them on a car ride with us.  Good thing we have a van as they both insisted their SAUS needed it's own seat.  Thank you, thank you RR for coming up with such a clever and mess free toy/game to keep you and your brother happy.  You really are an awesome big brother.

Winder about the blue lips on the Little Guy... right before SAUS were made he had been coloring with blue markers.  


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