Sunday, July 7

Naming Baby

Husband and I have been searching high and low for a BOY name for newbie.  We've agreed on a girl name... but boy name... ugh so hard.

You see, we have rules for naming baby... ok, they are mostly my rules, but rules none the less.

1) No names in the top 100, preferably top 200.  Do you have any idea how many Kate, Katie, Cathy, Kathy, and Kathryn-s I graduated with?

2) No names that have a "unique spelling".  Do you know how many times I have to correct the spelling of Husband's name on forms?  I can only assume he's had this issue all his life.

3) No R names.  No T names.

4) The name must have a good solid meaning.  R's name means "wise protector".  T's name means "gift from God."

5) Name must fit well with R and T's names.  We can't have two classically named boys and then say "Moonbeam".

6) Must fit well with are already chosen middle name; Ronald.

7) Must be a name that doesn't cause Husband to play the name-association-game. Don't get me started on this one.

So you can see... naming baby BOY is not easy.


Rebecca said...

Aw... but I like Moonbeam!

What about Dweezil? ;-)

The Good Witch of the South said...

I personally like Andres with the nn Drew with the other two boy's names. I think it fits with the classic/traditional feel and it also goes with T's name in that it's a common nn but not necessarily the most used or obvious.

The Good Witch of the South said...

I meant Andrew, not Andres, sorry

Melissa Whitten said...

I hope that if you had your heart set on Lucille, that you go with it. Seriously, I loved the name Lucia, and I knew that there was a chance that Erica would be upset (already having a Lucy), but I didn't care. I wasn't changing it based on someone else. Lucille is such a beautiful name. So, just putting it out there... That if you were nervous that I would be upset, there is no way! I'm hoping you follow your heart :-D
Love ya!

PS... Check your email

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