Sunday, July 14

8 Weeks

When you're pregnant; and need to wear oh so lovely maternity clothes; the difference of 8 weeks between pregnancy time lines makes all the difference in the world.

TT was due 2/16.  Newbie is due 12/11.  So roughly 8 weeks different on the calendar; but a world of difference clothing wise.

I didn't get rid of any of maternity clothes from TT; and it is very clear that I do not have the appropriate clothing for this hot and humid and all around nasty weather.  I picked up a few pairs of maternity shorts, and I got a swim suit and a couple of dresses for work and church; but I still find myself seriously lacking in the summer maternity wardrobe department.

I've poked around a few stores, but I refuse to pain $24 for a pair of shorts that I am going to wear for 2 more months and then never wear again.  And that's $24 marked down from $40.  Really does the extra fabric really cost that much money.

Sigh, perhaps I just need to start wearing moo-moos.


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