Thursday, February 21

At Two

Here we are... February 21, 2012.  TT is 2 years and 6 days old.  Time has flown by.

He had his annual physical this morning and he's growing big and strong.  He's.... wait for it..... wait for it...

38.5-inches tall and 33 lbs. and 6 oz.

So to those of you who have told me he's the size of a 4 year old, I say "ha!!!".  The average 4-year old boy is 40-inches tall and 40-lbs.  Sure he might be the size of some 4-years, but not the average one.  I know, you say tomato I say tomat-oh.  I will agree that he is the size of your average 3-year old.  In fact he's almost exactly the same size at two that RR was at three.

But physical growth aside; TT is changing so much every day.  He is less and less a baby and more and more a toddler.  Some days it is very obvious that he has entered the terrible-twos.

He is very strong willed and fiercely independent.  His speech is coming along which is wonderful.  We couldn't be happier with how this skill is finally blooming.  His speech therapist is really committed and connects well with him; which I think greatly helps.

Right now his favorite toys are Imaginex guys and their vehicles/houses; trains; his shopping cart, trains, cars, his trampoline, and did I mention trains.  TT is a total train head.  He also deeply loves his stuffed puppy, muscial seahorse, Baby Dee, and stuffed Goofey.

He is currently teething his incisors  all four seem to be coming in at once.  Which is typical for TT.

He still refuses to sleep anywhere but in his crib.  We (Husband and I) are not ready to switch him over to a toddler bed, but we know the time is knocking on our door.

He is climbing stairs on his own, getting onto the furniture and he loves, I mean LOVES, going down the slide.

His favorite food is probably a tie between meatballs, apples, bananas, cheese and sausage.  Actually he loves all food; expect green beans and peas.  He used to like peas... oh well.  And yup, still breastfeeding.

Sleep has been wonderful lately, but I have heard this is this thing called "2 year sleep regression".  I'm keeping my fingers crossed we don't go through this.

And lastly, on my little TT update; he is in LOVE, super EXTRA insane LOVE, with wearing things on his head - blankets, hat (Husband's Red Sox one in particular), buckets, bowls, baskets, toys... to him anything is a hat.


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