Sunday, February 10

Chocolate & Green Eyed Monsters

Way back in January, on the 31st; we went out for our annual RR birthday dinner with his Ney-Ney (grandma) and his Nana (his great grandma).  As is tradition dinner was at a place of his choosing.  Last year we spent a small fortune at Outback, so call me tickled pink (in the wallet at least) when he chose to go to Golden Corral.  Personally I am not a huge fan of buffet restaurants, but when I heard kids under 12 were on special for $2.99 and under 4 was free I was pretty pleased with his choice.

And if you are wondering why he picked this place; that he has never been to, it is because of the chocolate fountain they advertised.

For a Thursday evening the place was packed.  Apparently every other parent had also heard about their kids being able to eat all they can for less than $3.  Aside from that it was a wonderful evening.  90-something year old Nana was walking with just a cane and managed to eat more than everyone else combined, expect RR.  Since it was his birthday I let him go to town, and did he eat; and did he ever enjoy that chocolate fountain.  I will admit, it was pretty darn good.  It didn't have the cheap chocolate taste I was expecting.

Oh yes, and they had cotton candy too.  Trust me, he ate real food including fruits and veggies before all of the junk food.  And yes, he did have a stomach ache from all of the sweets - some lessons you need to learn the hard way in my opinion.  

After we ate the presents came out.  And the strangest thing happened to TT's eyes.  They went from a wonderful shade of hazel to green.  That's right TT turned into the Green-Eyed Monster.  Apparently he learned what presents were over Christmas time; and he did not like his brother getting gifts and him not getting anything.  

Oh the tears.  He cried and cried and cried.  Then he tried to take off with RR's new scooter.  I have never seen a child of mine get so jealous.  I guess that's what happens when you have an only child for 7 years.  

And one last thought.... see that picture above?  Every year I take a picture of him with his grandmas.  I think next year I need to actually be in the shot.  To remind him of ALL the leading ladies in his life, before he discovers girls.  


Sue said...

Yes, you should be in it next year.

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