Sunday, February 3

Scout Sunday

Today is Scout Sunday.  And in the tradition of our Parish, which is also the Charter Organization for our Bub Scout - Boy Scout - Venture Crew; boys who have completed the requirements for their religious emblem program are given their awards.

Last year, as a boy not yet receiving his First Communion, RR was eligible to earn and did receive his Light of Christ medal.

This year (and technically next year; although it can only be earned once) he was eligible to earn his Parvuli Dei emblem - which he did.

To get the medals the boys must complete a work-book and preform some charitable activities which better examine their faith.   The books are then certified by the Pack Master and Parish Priest.

Anyhow; there we were at Mass this morning.  RR was on his best behavior, was in the color guard, and sat with the other scouts.

TT on the other hand was a total handful.  Usually when I take him to Mass I take him to the children's services with RR, but since RR wasn't attending the children's services we didn't either.  For the record I don't think mine of Husband's backs will ever be the same again.  That kid is getting heavy.

When Mass was over the boys were given their awards; and then TT decided to crash the party.  Running up to the front of the Church yelling "Ray Ray".  

Thankfully everyone in church is of good humor and they made a joke about it.  

We celebrated afterwards with a trip to the pastry shop (not that TT deserved anything based on his behavior, but I think he's still a little young to understand that concept.)

RR had a strawberry-surprise  TT had a cupcake.  Me I had a bismark... I totally deserved something (and it was too early to start drinking).  


Sue said...

They are growing up so fast.

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