Monday, February 11

Holiday vs. Snow Day

I've decided that snow days are more of a holiday than actual holidays are.  I always thought the idea of holidays was to relax and enjoy your family without having to work too much.  But that never seems to work out.  Now snow days on the other hand, those are perfect.

There are no gifts to buy, no gifts to wrap, no meals to plan, no chocolate bunnies or eggs, no costumes (unless you want to count staying in PJs all day), no fireworks (unless you are my neighbors), no place to go, no timeline to follow, Mass is canceled due to the weather so no guilt if you aren't able to make it.

Snow days are like holidays; but without all the "have to", "want to", or "need to".  It's just a day to be.  To catch up on laundry or your favorite TV show, to play a hand of cards with the ones you love, to built snow forts and train layouts, to take a nap, or bake a cake for the fun of it.

Snow days are a day to breath.


Sue said...

Very well said kiddo. I like that I can slow down and actually enjoy the horses.

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