Saturday, February 9

Silent Saturday

Ray setting the yard stick with me yesterday.  It just started to snow around 10:30am.

Bunny prints in the snow?  This was around 6pm.

Staring into the night sky.

Around 7pm.  About 2.5".  It wasn't really snowing then.

By 9pm it was up to around 5".

Winter night.

A view of the yardstick from the 2nd floor window this morning.  It really snowed heavy overnight.

TT not to sure what to make of it.

RR just dug right in.  He was clearing a play area for his brother.

Watching his brother shovel.

Just about 22".  Husband thinks it's more since our yard is tree covered.  

Diving head first in.

Love that smile.

Testing another spot in the yard.  This is closer to 23".

He LOVES the snow.  Like I mean LOVES the snow.



Our mailbox.  They are a good 4-ft off the ground normally.

A view of Husband and TT from the driveway.

Up the street.

There is a PT Cruiser under there.  Some where.

Husband measured 34" snow drifts in the driveway.

More playing.

Thinking about eating it.

The backyard.

Those are some really tall snow covered pines.

So pretty. (When you don't have to go anywhere.)

Snow mound in the driveway.  I'm betting it'll be there in April still.


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