Sunday, April 10

RR at 12

I had started this blog post the other day, but I just couldn't put "pen to paper". But here I sit on a Sunday morning, months after RR turned 12, waiting for TT to finish up at CCD so we can go pick up RR from camp, It's early April 2016 and this is the second time RR has been camping this year. It was cold last night, I am curious to see how camping was for him. How he fared sleeping in a tent in below freezing temps. I wonder did he sleep. Did he sleep well. Was he warm. Did he wear this long johns I nagged him to pack.

On Tuesday evening he's off to a rifle and shooting class. The same kid who less than a year ago went to a gun show with his grandpa and uncle and spent the day bored to tears, longing to play his Nintendo DS. The same Nintendo DS he would sneak to school on my birthday, drop on the floor and break. The one he would spend months earning the $100 to get it fixed.

He is not an outdoors-man, but he loves camping. He certainly loves his video games, but he is more than the "video game nerd" he likes to tell me he is. He loves playing in the yard with his brothers. He actually loves all little kids. He's the big guy that when dragged to the playground with his little brothers will happily push all the little kids on the carousel for hours. He is certainly not the most athletic person; but he wants to get back into swimming. He is on me to get him swim lessons so he can get his skills back. He is an avid reader, lately devouring the complete works of HG Wells. He loves all historical and is big into historical conspiracy theory. His feelings of current events revolves around his desire to own Donald Trump socks (so he can walk on Trumps face, despite me pointing out Trumps face would be on his calf).

At 12 he is growing into a young man. A  complex ever evolving young man.

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