Monday, February 2

It Was a Good Run

Having a winter birthday and living in the northeast means you need to deal with winter weather when planning our birthday and related activities.

I know this very well. Having a December birthday myself and three children all born in the winter: December, January and February.

Being a parent it means getting party RSVPs that say "we'll be there weather permitting". It means watching the weather report to see if you need to cancel or delay a party or a doctor's appointment - think yearly well child check-ups. It means possible snow days on the day they are celebrating your birthday in school. There are a lot of what-ifs and ways things can get off track. Thankfully none of my children were born in a snowstorm - bitterly cold and icy for two out of three - so that ain't bad.

In TT's short nearly 4 years we've already had to  postpone his parties because of illness (strep for me) and a snowstorm.

RR on the other hand had made a marvelous run of the weather working in his favor.

Until today... today he was suppose to be playing hooky from school, going to his 11 year well child visit at the doctor and getting his pictures done at the mall. We had plans for lunch (along with ERP who also had a doctor's appointment) and going to Barnes and Noble to spend a birthday gift card.

Instead.... it snows and snows a lot. Schools are closed, so no need to play hooky. The doctor called last night and canceled their appointments. I saw the snow for today on the 10 day forecast. Originally calling for 3 to 5 inches. Then the chance of snow went to 0%... then is slowly climbed back up. And here we are.... it's snowing 8 to 12 inches is expected.

Eleven years without the weather getting in the way of his birthday plans... not bad for a kid with a January birthday.


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