Saturday, August 15

Project Food Budget: Week 11

So sorry this is so late this week... and on the PFB front it has been an excellent week. One of the best so far, but I was so POed about TT's stolen sword earlier this week I just never got around to writing this post.

The two week budget remains $200. I spent $154 and change at Aldi and didn't do any "extra" shopping. Many many people had urged me to try Market Basket instead of Aldi, but I need shampoo. Which we get at Trader Joe's and TJ's is by my Aldi, so Aldi this week only made sense. 

Main dish meals this week:
Sunday: Sausage
Monday: Hot dogs and beans
Tuesday: We went to the spaghetti supper at church
Wednesday: Tacos
Thursday: Whole wheat English muffin pizza and salad
Friday: the kids had mac and cheese Husband and I ate later and had tuna and fries
Saturday: Steak and veggies on the grill


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