Friday, October 24

Friday Five - The Sick Edition

This week was dominated by sick little boys. Three of them to be exact. Three boys, all with hand-foot-mouth-disease. In case you are not up with your infectious childhood illness this disease is marked by a fever to start with, then puss filled sores around the mouth (and in the mouth and throat), on the hands and feet - hence the name.

So this week I am thankful for:

1) Acetaminophen and ibuprofen - for those fevers over 103F.
2) Snugly PJs and blankets - for when the chills hit
3) The magic mixture the nurse on call told me about - Maalox and Benadryl - for treating those mouth and throat sores
4) Naps, naps and more naps - because they were up all night
5) Three little boys on the mend - Amen!


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