Sunday, November 2

Little Moments

Life is full of little moments. Moments of tears and of joy. But more often, life is just full of regular moments. Shared secret smiles with your partner. Raspberry kisses on your belly from your child as you awake. Long nights nursing the baby; wondering if he will ever sleep through the night again. And then moments of wishing you never thought that, because before you know if those moments, days, weeks, months really; are passed. And that baby is no longer the tiny child sleeping with his cheek resting on your breast.

Life is moments struggling, watching your child, makes mistakes. Knowing you need to let them make those mistakes to learn for themselves.

Life is moments of homework and hand holding. Knowing someday they will be gone, off doing homework in their college dorm and holding someone else's hand.

Life is dinner as a family. Saying grace and thanking the Lord for what we have.

Daily moments are the fabric of our lives; and they weave an ever changing cloth. Often times a moment happens and I think I need to capture it, hold it forever in my blog or a scrap book. And while preserving those memories is key I often find it takes me away from creating other moments. Then I need to remind myself that it is important to have moments, time to myself. To think, to understand, to relax and get to a better place that will allow for a greater appreciation of tonight, tomorrow's, next month's moments.


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