Sunday, November 16


Here are a couple of TT-isms from today. I swear this kid is all about the "one liners" some days.

~ Both of these happened during church this morning.

After hearing the priest say "Jesus Christ".
TT says as loud as possible in a very quiet church.
"Jesus Christ??? We don't say Jesus Christ"

Deacon says "Brother and Sisters"
TT says "Where are my sisters?"

~ Yesterday TT started being obsessed with having salad for dinner. This was a step for him. He loves veggies, and salad dressings, but he normally doesn't like lettuce. Last night he has a salad with dinner, and to no one's surprise he doesn't eat the lettuce. Tonight he asks for salad with dinner again. And again I oblige. Tonight instead he starts pulling out all of the lettuce and asks me:
"Who put these leaves in my salad?"


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