Saturday, December 13

A Christmas Miracle

Today, the second to the last Saturday before Christmas; I found myself alone at the biggest mall in the area with all three boys. Originally TT was suppose to stay with Husband at an Aunt's house while he worked on a computer. But after many tears about wanting to keep riding in the car he came to the mall with me. I will admit I was a little concerned, tears that early in the day are never a good sign. Plus I didn't have a stroller, but Husband suggested I spend the $4 and get one of the mall "racers" to push TT around in. So, with three boys; one strapped to me, one in the racer and one walking we set out at the mall.

And it was by far the calmest shopping trip ever. 

1) I got most excellent parking, without having to look
2) None of the boys cried
3) None of the boys asked me to buy them anything
4) I stayed within my spending budget
5) The line at Starbucks, while a little long; moved fast
6) No one at the mall was rude, or cut in front of me, or stepped on my heels
7) I got everything I set out to get (and then a little more)
8) We left before my "timer" went off (I had to get home in time to get ready for Mass)
9) None of the boys teased each other, or played "punching" or the like
10) None of the boys cried - did I mention that? 

Truly our shopping trip was a Christmas Miracle. OK, really it was the boys' behavior that was a miracle. They were so well behaved I took them to lunch. Where I proceeded to order two too many hot dogs for some reason. And again during lunch my boys didn't argue or cry. TT even ate his baked beans before the fries. 


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