Friday, December 19

Potato Soup

Tonight for dinner we tried something new. Potato soup (and salad, but we have salad all the time).

Now mind you RR hates potatoes. He tolerates them in beef stew and clam chowder. And aside from the occasional french fry, he doesn't eat them. He loathes mashed potatoes; with a passion.

TT on the other hand will eat potatoes any chance he gets, He can make a whole meal out of mashed potatoes and corn and green beans... but then he ends up not eating the green beans.

SO.... as you can imagine color me surprised when RR ate the soup. He didn't finish it, but he ate it. And TT refused to even try it. Really no big surprise, but still I was... as he is super picky and is fearful of new food.

ERP thought it was possibly the best food ever. THE. BEST. FOOD. EVER. Seriously. He was eating it with two spoons at once and drinking it. He had three or four servings.

So not a win all around, but worth making again.


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