Friday, December 14

Peanut-Butter in His Stocking

While wandering around the grocery store on my lunch break (that is what everyone does on their lunch break isn't it?) I came across a jar of this - White Chocolate Peanut Butter.

It was like when Indiana Jones saw the Holy Grail - there was a flash of light and angles were signing.  OK, if that didn't happen in the movie you get the idea regardless.  I am terrible with my Indiana Jones, and Star Wars...

There it was.  It was calling me.
"Buy me for RR."
"He will love you forever."
"Your son needs me."  You get the idea.

You see RR has fallen in love with white chocolate, which isn't even really chocolate, but I'm not going to argue with an 8-year old who already knows everything.  I went through the same stage at his age.  White chocolate everything.  And my parents indulged me getting me white chocolate only on Easter, which was a feat back in the 80s.

So as I was lugging the $5 (on sale) jar off the shelf I decided this was going in his stocking.  It would fill it up nicely.

There you have it folks... the 8-year old is getting a jar of peanut butter for Christmas.  And not just any jar of peanut butter; White Chocolate Wonderful Peanut Butter.


Vanessa said...

Okay I have to find that. I love love white chocolate!

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