Tuesday, December 4

School Lunch

Thank you school lunch program for making my life easier.

I am being serious.

I dread days when RR wants to bring his lunch with him.

When he was small and first started going to preschool I took pride in packing his lunch and spent undoubtedly too much time trying to come up with healthy and creative lunch ideas.

But now that he's big and is going through the "lunch boxes and cold packs aren't cool" stage; not to mention he's a bit of a slob and I dread when he brings home a old lunch kit, it's just easier for him to buy lunch at school.

Seriously... have you ever seen what happens to a yogurt left exploded all over the inside of a bag and left un-refrigerated looks like?  It's not pretty.  Not to mention the smell.  Eeeewww.

Then there is the hassle as to what to feed him; that doesn't require being kept cold (see above yogurt problem for why I stopped doing this).  We're lucky that he can still bring peanut products to school; but he crushes sandwiches unless they are in a Tupperware container, but those he looses and forgets to bring home...

You see my problem here?  I feel like I am blogging in a circle.

So yes, school lunch you are a life saver.  I love weeks my kid buys lunch everyday of the week.  My evenings are just that much easier.

For $2.25 a day he is fed.  How sweet is that?  And he's getting at least 3 servings of fruit and veggies (all of which I know he eats).  I wish I could eat lunch for that little.   But then again, in four years when I am having to spring for lunch for two boys I may not enjoy the "low cost" so much.... clearly I can see why growing up all of us kids didn't buy lunch regularly and why once we were old enough we made them ourselves.

But for now... thank you, thank you school lunches.  Thank you for making my life easier.


Charlotte Jean said...

Long live the school lunch and relief it brings to parents around the country!

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