Tuesday, April 9

Her Way

This morning I dropped Husband off at the doctors in the city and went over to Nana's house with the baby to wait for him.  When I got there we decided to have some tea and a little snack.  I offered to run to the corner store and get us some (no so fresh, but insanely good) donuts.  Nana suggested breakfast from McDee's.  She had also offered to watch TT while I ran to the store.  I am OK letting her stay with the kids for a few minutes while I go outside.  I am not OK with her watching the kids while I drive all around the city looking for a chain restaurant which I only sort of know how to get to.  No, I insisted.... let's just get the donuts.  She concedes.

As I make my way back to the house from the store, Husband calls and his appointment is already over and he needs to be picked up.  I gather TT and Nana from her house and we head out.  Now when she agreed to come for a ride this time; I think she was already plotting against me.

As we head back to Nana's house I tell Husband how I was making coffee over there and we had some donuts.  Nana brings up how good the coffee at McDee's is.  How she loves it when the girls bring her some.  And then she goes on about their breakfast sandwiches.

So I ask her, "Nana do you want to go pick up McDee's?"
Her, "Sigh, only if you kids want it. I will pay for whatever you kids want."  (She was upset I didn't let her pay for the donuts.)

Ok, ok, ok.... she wins.  Off to McDee's we go.  She even tells me how to get there.

I must say, she certainly has her means of getting what she wants.


Sue said...

Told you she's my role model for a good reason.

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