Monday, April 8




That would be TT screaming for his brother, his savior.

Whenever Husband or I has TT do something he would rather not do:
brush his shirt
take off his shirt
change his diaper
go upstairs for a nap
stop throwing toys around
... you get the idea.

So as we are trying to range TT he is fighting back and screaming.  Screaming for his brother.  He wants, excepts, his brother to come and save him.

Not that RR has ever come to save him from his parents at this point... not that he has ever needed to really be saved from his parents; because lets face it - we're not terrible people, we're just making him do something he would rather not do, like brush his teeth instead of playing.

I often tell him his "brother will not save him now"... but I am sure a time will come when TT needs some help from his brother and he will be there for him.


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