Sunday, April 21


Friday evening the boys and I were out doing errands.  The later it got, the colder it got and a strong cold wind was blowing as well.  Our last stop of the evening was the grocery store.  At the checkout there were pinwheels for sale ($1 each, can beat that) so I got both of the boys ones.

As we walked to the car in the street-lamp lite parking lot with the wind howling and the flag flying horizontal in the wind the boys held their pinwheels; and around and around they went.  They went so fast; especially when large gusts burst through.  Both boys squealed in delight. I wished I had parked further away, I could have walked a mile watching them in their pure happiness.

When we got home they ran around the now very dark backyard with their pinwheels, until it got too cold.

Sometimes, life is all about the little things.  Friday night was one of those nights.  


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