Saturday, June 29

It's Official

Today I am calling it official... I have a tween.

*sniff sniff* It's brings a tear to my eye.

Here's how I knew it was time:

1) He is obsessed with doing his hair and how his hair looks

2) The phone is practically glued to his ear

3) He has the teenage eye roll down to a pat

4) He still likes to play with decidedly un-teenage toys

5) He started looking for books to read in the "Teen" section at the library

6) Loosing teeth is still pretty cool, but he doesn't believe in or expect money from the tooth fairy

7) He can sit by himself AND behave in church (trust me I was expecting a Huck Finn move)

8) When we go out to eat, sometimes he orders off the kids menu and sometimes the adult one

9) He is now officially tall enough and mature enough NOT to sit in a boost seat in the car anymore

... and well I can't think of number 10... so 9 reasons it is.


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