Monday, October 14

Pass the Peas Please

I'm a big believer on offering kids things to eat that they don't normally eat, especially at dinner time.  If we are eating foods I know the boys will turn down they are still offered.  I heard something somewhere at sometime that said you have to try a new food some twenty times before you decide you like it... and I have stuck to that approach.

Time and time again I would serve TT peas.

Time and time again he would not eat peas.

If I served him peas and carrots mixed together, he would eat the carrots while removing the peas and crushing them into the table top.

Sometimes he would freak out and refuse to eat if the peas where on his plate.

Tonight I decided not to offer him peas.  He had plenty of other colorful food on his plate.

As dinner went on and RR was eating his peas TT asked for peas.  He scoped some out of the serving bowl and put them on his plate.  And sure enough he started eating them.

Then all of a sudden he couldn't get enough peas.  He was going insane eating them.  We let him eat them right out of the serving dish because he was just going to town eating peas.  He was totally in love with peas and both Husband and I watched in awe (and then took pictures).

Maybe it was reverse psychology - OK, I'll eat them since you didn't offer them to me.

Maybe it was because he was eating them heated up (I don't normally warm his veggies).

Maybe it was because his brother was eating them, and he thinks his brother is the cat's pajamas.

No matter what is was I'll take it... eating peas at dinner with no fighting... priceless.


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