Tuesday, October 1

Wow!! Really??!!

Actually this blog post should be titled "Holy Shit I'm Having a Baby... and like soon".  But I didn't want to have a post with the word "shit" in the title.

Do you realize it's October and there is a chance I could be having a baby next month?  I mean really, it's possible being due December 11th and all that.  It is also possible being due then than I have a Christmas baby, but only time will tell.

I'm 30 weeks pregnant tomorrow.  How the hell did that happen?  OK, I know how IT happened, but how has time gone by so fast?  I was at the midwives offices 2 weeks ago and they were all about setting up all of the next prenatal appointments.  It was like I went from seeing them once a month to seeing them every other week in no time at all.  It was nearly overwhelming when I left with an appointment card for something like 6 visits.  I just kept staring at the appointments wondering where the last few months went.  Where did summer go?  I don't even remember it starting.

I know they say time goes faster on subsequent pregnancies because you have your hands more full than before... more responsibilities, more kids to spend time with, etc.  And I know work is certainly more busy for me now, more so than ever.  But I just don't see how this pregnancy can be coming to an end sometime soon.

Remind me I said that when I am complaining about feeling like I am going to be pregnant forever... somewhere around the 37 week mark.

So far it has been an easy pregnancy... aside from that bladder issue early on.  But since then; it's been very typical... and I dare say it maybe my easiest pregnancy yet.  Truth be told it was so long ago I was pregnant with RR that I don't recall all of the details, but I do recall it being very easy and smooth sailing.  When I was pregnant with TT I had the worst allergies/cold for 9 months...

I suppose we should start getting ready for baby to come.  We've done some stuff in preparation for the little guy.  The car seat has been taken out of the attic and cleaned (still needs to be installed), I've bought him a few new outfits (need to wash), I bought him a very cool infant hat (made by the talented Devin), we've talked names and made a list of names.... and well that's it.  We really don't have much to do I guess. We need to get some infant size diapers (our cloth ones are good starting around age 3 months) and we need to get the pack and play cleaned and set-up and we need to fix up our room and get the co-sleeper up and installed, get the clothes out of the attic and washed  Aside from that we're ready to go???

Again... remind me of this post in 4 weeks that I am freaking out over needing to buy diapers, nail clippers, new thermometer, etc... all while saying I should have washed the clothes sooner.

Husband wants to have the nursery done before new baby comes.  I'm OK with it either way.  It's not like he'll sleep in it till next summer anyhow.

How am I am so relaxed, yet so perplexed about how I could possibly be this far along in my pregnancy?  It must be the hormones.


Anonymous said...

Having given birth to my oldest son 33 yrs ago and using a mid wife I Feel a head of the times Granted my midwife was my best friend She was still in school and finished her term paper and practicum with me as her patient 33 YRS LATER i wish i could find her lost touch years ago but she always said her heart would be where ever i am

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