Saturday, October 12

Ready or Not

Earlier in the summer we had bought TT a potty chair.  It was a spur of the moment thing, on sale for a price too good to pass up.  He used it once or twice; maybe three times in the last few months.  It mostly sat in our downstairs bathroom, collecting dust.

Once we rented an Elmo potty training video from the library.  We all watched it once.  RR thought it was really funny and laughed his butt off.

Potty training, or toilet teaching, or whatever you want to call it - really wasn't in our plans for TT right now.

Husband and I talked about it.  We said we would maybe do a "potty training boot camp" when I was working from home.  I wasn't stressed about it; I think RR was at least another year older before he potty trained - and beside I had heard that toddlers can really regress when a new siblings comes along... so it just wasn't something I was all for doing now.

TT on the other hand had a different idea.

In the last week he's gone on the potty chair more and more.

We bought a second potty chair, and as soon as it came in the mail (doesn't everyone buy their potty chairs on-line?) he needed to use... and this started him not only doing #1, but also #2 in the potty.

This morning after breakfast, he asked me to take off his diaper so he could use the potty.

Today we went on the potty at least 5 times.

He only went through 2 diapers.  One when we went to the park and one at nap time.

Apparently he's getting the hang of this pretty darn quickly.

Which is good, because he's quickly growing out of cloth diapers that fit him.

So we'll keep following his lead and I'll keep denying that my baby is growing up... and we'll see where we go from here.  And if he regresses when Newbie is born, its all good. I know he has the stuff to make this huge milestone leap when he's ready.


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