Thursday, May 8

5 Months

ERP turned 5 months on Monday (it's Thursday now).  Time sure is flying.  I think I say that every month.

He is doing wonderful.  Simply a joy during the day.  Now only if he would sleep more at night.

ERP is still rocking out in the size 2 diapers, when he wears the disposables.  He is quickly outgrowing, his newborn cloth diapers; but some of the hand-me-downs from TT are still too big.  His clothing size is all over the place, and I blame the clothing makers on that one.  He has some 3month shirts at are swimming on him, some 9 months stuff that fits just right, some 0-3 stuff he is just fitting into and some 6 month outfits he's already outgrown.  People ask me what size to buy him and I just laugh.

This month we got him a new activity-play-thing-y.  It's an exercauser-jumperoo all in one.  Which basically means, one less piece of baby stuff in the house.  He is totally in love with it.  He bounces, he licks the toys, he squeals in delight.

In fact squealing or screeching is one of his favorite things to do.  He likes to be loud.  But I guess when you need to be heard over your two older brothers you learn to be loud fast.

He is still nursing like a million times a day.  One of the biggest things that happened during this month is that we had his lip and posterior tongue tie revised.  This has helped his nursing a great deal.  It is much less, if at all; painful for me and now he can drink better out of a bottle.  I owe you a whole blog post on the experience... along with a whole lot of other blog posts.  

Another first this month is ERP's first Easter.  He attended the Easter Vigil Mass with Daddy, Uncle Freddie and me.  In fact, he managed to stay awake and well behaved for 90% of the Mass.  If you are Catholic you acan appreciate what a big deal this is.  On Easter Sunday we went to brunch.  ERP say on my lap and really wanted to eat everything on the table.  He got baby food and a book and a little stuffed lamb in his Easter basket.

Another biggie this month - ERP found his toes.  And he thinks they are super extra yummy!

ERP is teething for sure.  Everything is in his mouth.  The drool is insane.  We do not have enough chew toys, nor do I think we ever will.

ERP is still one of the happiest babies on the block.

Things from this month I don't want to forget:
~ how finding the right station of static on the AM dial makes you calm down instantly
~ how you are trying to drink out of open cups
~ the night you grabbed by dinner fork right out of my mouth and stuck it in your mouth
~ the way you constantly rolled from back to belly
~ the night you found your toes
~ how you find your toys every time I change you diaper now; and proceed to chew on them, making diaper changes very difficult
~ the way you hair seems to have not picked a color yet.  Some days it's dark brown, others you would swear it's blond and still other days it looks almost red
~ that your bald spot on the back of your head is finally filling in
~ the way you smile at me when I pick you up after a nap
~ the twinkle in your eye - you have very sparkly eyes
~ how much you love animals, especially Lily the husky
~ how adorable you look in all of your hand-me-down clothes, including the shirt you wore for Easter
~ how blue your eyes are some days.  I pray they stay blue.


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