Thursday, May 29


TT is all about books these days.  He loves to have stories read to him; and sometimes he'll even let Gene listen in on the fun.

So what are the 3 year old's favorite books these days:

#1 Favorite by far is Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.  The original.

After that it's a toss up amongst a number of Dr. Suess books - Oh the Places You'll Go, And to Think That I Saw it on Mulberry Street, and The Foot Book.

Sometimes he will request I read the book we call "colors" over and over again.  I have no idea what is it really named, but it counts 1 through 10 and has a different color for each number.  I find this book terribly dull, but not as dull as the Brainy Baby ABC book he often insists on reading.

Then some days he is really into looking at baby faces and we'll read very simple, 6 page books which feature lots of baby faces - like Peek a Boo Baby, Good Morning Baby, What Does Baby Need, and Baby Plays.  He often insists that many of the newborns we see photos of in these books are ERP.

I'm glad my boys love their books - I just wish I got to chose what we read more often.


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