Sunday, May 25

Breastmilk Yogurt

A couple months back  had gotten it into my head that I was going to make breastmilk yogurt for ERP.  I saw it as the perfect "first food"; and a way to let him start playing with foods before he met the milestones for eating "solids".

Now ERP has no issues with eating - he will gladly eat and swallow things he shouldn't - paper being one of the big ones.  But sitting on his own - he's getting there, and he won't be 6 months for another couple of weeks.

So - breastmilk yogurt - the perfect introduction to food.

I was able to find many articles online about breastmilk yogurt and this convinced me I was not crazy.  One article in particular on The Hippie Inside struck me, and made me realize how easy it would be.  I had some milk in the fridge that was on the hairy edge of needing to be frozen or tossed so I decided no time like the present and on Thursday night (our wedding anniversary none the less) I embarked on Project Breastmilk Yogurt.

It started out really easy.  Breastmilk in a saucepan with a candy thermometer.  Heat to 185F and cool to 112F.  Transfer to a WARMED GLASS pan with a lid.  Add thickening agent (I used gelatin - flavorless, sugarless and fake surgarless) and yogurt starter (I used a dollop of cows milk yogurt), put the lid on and put the pan into a cooler.  Fill the cooler with WARM water and cover with a WARMED towel.  After 4.5 hours, drain the water and refill and let set over night.  This was my first road block, when I refilled the water I accidently got some into the yogurt pan.  The next day you put it in the fridge.  This was road block #2, when I got up the yogurt was very watery.  So I added more gelatin.  When I got home the yogurt was more like breastmilk jello.

So three lessons - next time I make it - make in mason jars or recycled glass jars.  Something with a locking lid.  And instead of gelatin for the thicken I will use tapioca starch.  And if using gelatin as a thickener you need to wait till it's been refrigerated for it to set.

But no worry.  I was able to easily scope it out and mash it with a fork and some fresh breastmilk and ta-da - sorta-kinda breastmilk yogurt.

Either way he loved it, and insisted on feeding himself.


Amy said...

He's such a cutie, glad he liked it!

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