Tuesday, September 30

Actual Conversations

What you are about to read is true. These events happened in the last 24 hours.

RR; Mom, I learned how to play black jack today.
Me: Black jack?
RR: Yes, you know you can play it without gambling right?
Me: Who did you play with?
RR: My friend Adam at school.
Me: Um OK. How did you play cards at recess? It was nice out today.
RR: We didn't play at recess.
Me: Then when did play? (By now I am very confused)
RR: We played them during school. We have a lot, I mean a LOT; of free time.

Me: TT what do you want to be for Halloween?
TT: After Christmas. For ever and ever.
Husband: Apples... apples for Christmas?
Me: I think he said after Christmas.
Husband: TT, what costume do you want to wear? Do you want to be pirate? (That's what he was last year.)
Me: Or a monster?
Husband: Or a policeman?
Me: Or a bunny?
TT: I'm not a bunny! I'm Teddy Bear.


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