Sunday, September 14

The 3rd Option

When I had just two sons I used to think how different they were. RR talked very early, around 6 months, TT talked late and eventually had to have speech therapy. TT had a head of blond thick hair when he was born and long baby curls, RR was bald for years. I used to think they were so different, yet so the same. I thought I covered the full range of kid possibilities in them.

Then I had ERP and realized there was a 3rd option. And I bet if I went on to have ten more sons, they would all be unique and individual.

ERP is the opposite of his brothers in so many ways, he is unique to the core. Not that they aren't unique but he has broken the mold of baby-ness set by them years ago.

TT and RR have blond hair and hazel eyes; ERP has brown hair and blue eyes.

TT and RR didn't get any teeth till they were a year or better; ERP got his first tooth at 8 months.

TT and RR didn't crawl until they were about a year or older; ERP is crawling at 9 months.

TT and RR love the water and always have; ERP is finally enjoying the bath - all other water makes him cry.

ERP started talking at 8 months, similar to RR but still at his own pace.

TT and RR were bigger at 6 months; then ERP is at 9 months.  ERP is a peanut.

In their own uniqueness -

TT knows exactly what to do with any piece of sporting equipment upon seeing it for the first time. RR would rather avoid sports.  Except running, RR has taken to running.

RR loves to read and TT was slow to warm to books.  ERP likes chewing them.

And something they can all agree on.

LEGOS!!!  RR builds with all sizes. TT builds with the medium and small ones, and he loves Lego mini-figures. ERP bangs the big ones together and chews on the medium and large ones.

Husband and I run around, like crazed people, making sure ERP doesn't eat any of the small ones.

Love my boys and their personalities, and I thank them for showing me how we are all different and special.


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